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Christine Zacharko

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My name is Christine Zacharko and I am a licensed Optician, I have been helping seniors in their own homes for over 25 years.  I started Glasses To Go to provide on site eye care in your own home, nursing or hospital bed.  We come to you for all your optical needs.

My grandmother was a shut in, she couldn't get out to see the doctor, the dentist, the  hearing aid specialist.....or  even get  a new set of reading glasses.  My mom struggled to help her, so I started Glasses To Go, Mobile Vision care.   Glasses to go was created to help people who couldn’t get out or struggled with mobility issues.  I knew this essential service was necessary because I personally lived the experience with my own family. Helping my grandmother get fitted and measured in her own place was a game changer.  She felt comfortable in her own space which made fitting her and measuring her way more easy and more accurate.  Consulting with the patient in their own environment sets them up for success because taking out of their own residence can be very difficult and stressful.  Glasses To Go Mobile Vision care will come to you with portable eye exam equipment and a variety of suitcases filled hundreds, YES hundreds of high quality Frames to choose from. A CLEAR vision on CONVENIENCE and AFFORDABILITY  

Glasses to go comes directly to bedside. Our optometrist with do you Eye exam, our Optician with help you find new frames and a complete lenses, readers, single vision, bifocals and progressive lenses, we also do repairs  or just a simple adjustments. I am passionate about what I do and love working with seniors. I enjoy listening to their stories and spending time listening  After 25 years of loving my job and caring for seniors. I feel so blessed  to be able to do I job I love that services others in just a positive way.

Optical needs are different for everyone - we help you find a pair of glasses that best fit your needs.