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Wendy Moyle

Founder of Wendy’s Errands for Elders Ltd.


"Hi, I'm Wendy Moyle, owner of Wendy's Errands for Elders. With over 35 years in the banking industry and majority of those years as a Branch Manager, I gained the trust of my clients to assist them with what was most important to them and what their needs were.

It became .apparent from listening to my customers, both Seniors and their families, that there was a great need in our community to increase support with their day to day living by providing a peace of mind and access for services

I understand the struggles that both the Sandwich Generation and the Seniors themselves experience in balancing the demands of life and spending quality time with their loved ones. Through my own personal experience with my mother being diagnosed with dementia, the need for me to complete the day to day simple task quickly became part of my life. We at Wendy's Errands for Elders want to be thought of as an extension of your family and help increase the quality of life.

We are ready to assist families in Enjoying their lives and leave the errands to us!

“Enjoy your life, leave the errands to us.”